Within our overall portfolio of services, Roush offer a CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) facility using a wide range of analytical tools to refine the design prior to components being produced. This service may be used as a standalone activity tailored to client needs, or within our engineering service toguidedesign and ensure developed products are suitable for purpose. Capabilities ranging from traditional stress analysis to advanced computer aided techniques enable a wide range engineering problems to be investigated. The analysis toolkit consists of many software products covering linear static, dynamic, non-linear static, impact, occupant kinematics, heat and fluid flow types of analysis. These techniques can be used individually or combined successively to generate and accurate prediction / correlation of the structural analysis behaviour under examination. Incorporating the effective use of CAE reduces product development time frames and reduces engineering risk.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Linear Statics  
Non-Linear Statics (Geometry and Material)  
Thermal Analysis  
Model Analysis  
Vehicle & component crash prediction  
Occupant protection  
Pedestrian protection  
Head Impact  
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Laminar and Turbulent Flow Visualisation
Velocity, Pressure and Temperature Predictions
Engine Simulation
Virtual Engine Prediction/Combustion Analysis
Valvetrain Analysis
Pushrod, OHC Oscillating Follower
Cam Synthesis
Valvetrain Stability, Durability
Chassis Engineering Capabilities
Component/Systems Design & Analysis
Dynamic Vehicle Development
Data Acquisition

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