Roush Technologies provide complete and comprehensive prototype service capabilities at our Brentwood and Warwick sites. Covering vehicle build, modification and component changes ranging from complete Powertrain to single components, Incorporating electrical and electronic capabilities. Supported by well-equipped fabrication departments on both sites specialising in vehicle modification and low volume prototype component manufacture. All activities are fully supported by Material Control and Logistics Departments providing vehicle and parts control, storageand delivery.
Prototype Build Services
Full vehicle prototype builds
Full vehicle component assembly / fit
Low volume component production modification
Mechanical / electrical fault diagnosis and rectification  
Engine strip down and build
Off site technician support
Fabrication Services
Metal fabrication, machining and welding capabilities
Vehicle chassis, body and component modification
On off specialist test vehicle manufacture and build    
Low volume manufacture of prototype parts
Fabrication support on Prototype build activities
Secure, modern well equipped workshops
Workshop vehicle secure bays  
Vehicle sized bed plates
Vehicle climatic chamber
Vehicle component Test Room

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