Roush Technologies provides a complete and comprehensive powertrain development capability. Coupled with our full vehicle experience, we can develop the systems with an appreciation for the vehicle it will power. Our experience includes the application of new engines into existing vehicles, and existing engines into new vehicles, from base engineconcepts through to full certification, and on to post technical support.
Gasoline, Diesel and LPG Calibration
Emissions Calibration
Environmental Calibration
OBD and EOBD Calibration
Driveability Calibration    
Motorcycle Calibration
EMS Strategy Design
EMS Hardware Design and Integration
Emissions control technology development
Engine Development
Full load performance      
Emissions performance
Combustion performance and analysis
Cooling, intake and exhaust system design and optimisation  
Base engine mechanical design and development
Base engine durability development
Fuel and purge system design and development
Engine Management System Experience Include:-
Gasoline Diesel
SAGEM   Bosch
Bosch   Delphi (Common Rail)    
Ford EEC   Siemens (Common Rail)    
Motec   Jatco/Gredi        
Application Experience Include:-
1 - 12 cylinder, 2 & 4 valve
Motorcycle engines including v-twin and in-line twins air-cooled and 3 & 4 cylinder liquid cooled from 125 - 500cc
High and low speed diesels          
5 - speed automatic gearbox with tiptronic control
Pressure charged engines              

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