Continuing along the road of increasing service support to industry Roush Technologies is now providing Automotive Test and Measurement services within Europe. This capability augments the established Roush Industries expertise based in the USA. Using a variety of modular and customisable systems, along with experienced staff, a wide variety of customer concerns can be addressed.
General data logging
Vehicle instrumentation services    
Low speed, high channel count applications    
High speed, up to 100 kHz sampling rates    
Analogue and digital capabilities    
Temperature, Pressure, Strain    
Speed, Distance    
Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration    
Vibration, Noise    
Computer Area Network (CAN) Communication
Analysis of system networks
Integration of Dissimilar systems
Programming of gateway nodes
Noise and Vibration Analysis
Competition benchmark testing
Interior and exterior sound analysis    
System and component response
Pass-by noise
'Order' tracking vibration analysis
Noise and Vibration Solutions
CAE analysis
Database of over 3500 material properties
Manufactured product solutions
Brake Noise and Performance
Roush designed BrakeDAQ for vehicle brake testing  
Vehicle parameters captured simultaneously  
Background noise isolation
Testing analysis and reporting features
Product support and service options
Test facilities for LACT
Support for Mojacar
Vehicle Dynamics
Roush developed Drive for vehicle testing
Roush developed VeDyan for vehicle dynamics analysis

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